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Teciit Technology and Innovation S.A.S. has been dabbling in the accompaniment and advice to different entities of the Municipal and District order in the formation, implementation and execution of projects in the educational area and ICT's. Taking advantage of its experience and development of specialized platforms and applications in the educational field, it has been perfecting its processes, adapting them to existing technological, methodological and regulatory changes.

We work to contribute to the economic and social development of the regions and municipalities of our country.

During this time the company has encountered difficulties due to the lack of experience and human resources with sufficient technical and professional capacity to carry out the processes required in the formulation and execution of projects, especially in the Municipalities of 5 and 6' category, which are the main market niche to which the company intends to reach with its products and services.

Taking advantage of the expertise and knowledge, the company decides to carry out a transformation process in its structure, but above all in the expansion of the portfolio of services, with the corporate purpose of providing more comprehensive support to customers, taking advantage of regulatory changes. that the recent reforms regarding royalties have been incorporated into the Colombian legal system.

In principle, the company's actions will focus on the educational, basic sanitation, environmental, ICT and energy mining sectors, and as the planned objectives are achieved, it will venture into other sectors.

Recent events such as those generated by the appearance of uncontrollable events such as Covid-19 have generated great opportunities that have favored the work and development of applications and digital platforms that seek to provide solutions to the new economic, labor and social realities that have arisen. situation in which the company had been working, the educational platform LMS aimed at the digitization of knowledge through 13-learning, and the company in its innovation process has also been working to create tools that allow better attention and support to the educational market in Colombia.

TECIIT TECNOLOGÍA E INNOVACIÓN S.A.S, seeks to contribute to the economic and social development of the regions and municipalities of our country through support in the formulation, evaluation and execution of programs and projects, with innovative processes supported by information and communication technologies, providing permanent advice on territorial management. We understand that the satisfaction of our clients and their communities are a priority. For this we have a group of allies and collaborators who focus on researching and developing products and services according to their needs, making the territories more competitive, within a framework of justice and social equity.
By the year 2025 TECIIT TECNOLOGÍA E INNOVACIÓN S.A.S. seeks to be recognized nationally and internationally as an innovative strategic ally in the incorporation of the management culture of the best existing social, economic, environmental and technological practices in the formulation and execution of projects, within the current institutional and legal framework, guaranteeing satisfaction and solutions to the needs of clients, populations served in the national territory, and control and regulation entities.
- Passion for what we do.
- Respect for our customers, their communities and society in general.
- Responsibility, for what we say and do.
- Transparency, in the management of public and private resources and provide the best available options free of personal or political interests.
- Suitability, our human resources have the expertise, ability and knowledge required to provide solutions that best suit the needs of the market. Integrity, both physical and moral.


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